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Self Storage Units Prices & Sizes

Storage Park offer 5 different storage unit sizes to choose from. Our units range from 22 m3 up to 81 m3. You can also choose either cubic containers or storage sheds.

The chart below will help to match your needs to the right storage unit for you.

Unit Types Available
Price (incl. GST)
Space Equivalent
Cubic Containers:

Self Storage Containers
  4m x 2.4m (22 m3)
 $140 per month
1 bedroom unit or part of a house lot.
  6m x 2.4m (33 m3)
$180 per month
Normally holds up to a 3 bedroom house lot.
  12m x 2.4m (66 m3)
$300 per month
Two house lots or two vehicles,
vehicle/boat, tradesmen, importers. Very spacious.
Storage Sheds:
Self Storage ColourBond Garages
  6m x 3m (42 m3)
$220 per month
Normally holds a larger 3 bedroom house lot, including some outdoor furniture, tools mower etc.
  9m x 3m (81 m3)
$330 per month
Larger 4-5 bedroom house with car/motorcycle, jet ski, small boat. Also used by small businesses, tradesmen, importers.


Feel free to contact us with any further questions, or visit our Storage Tips/Faq page.


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